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Academic Curriculum

Student/players at The Football College undertake the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports performance and Excellence, or the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence. Level 3, delivered full time over 2 years is the equivalent to 3 x A Levels and allows students to progress to University if they so wish. L2 is a one year option should individuals not achieve the entry requirements for L3 and then it allows them if they so wish to progress onto L3 as a direct pathway.

Both qualifications take various elements from across the spectrum of the Sports Industry allowing students to sample several potential career pathways before they seek either employment or commit to a University Degree. Elements include areas such as Coaching, Sports Business, Physiology, Analysis and many more.


The Football College takes great pride in its achievements both academically and practically. With the ethos on quality and transparency we publish our statistics and outcomes annually here. We believe our unique learning environment and approach to the player/student as a whole delivers the results that players, students, parents and future employers want:

Graduates Statistics 2013 - 2014: Graduates Statistics 2014 - 2015: Graduates Statistics 2015 - 2016: Graduates Statistics 2016 - 2017:

Retention rates 100% Retention rates 100% Retention rates (July 2016) Retention rates (July 2017)
Success rates 96.5% Success rates 100% Success rates (July 2016) Success rates (July 2017)

Teaching and learning reports/observations:

Observations are carried out on a regular basis by the heads of quality within all College institutions and are rated as follows in line with Ofsted:

Grade 2: Good
Grade 3: Requires Improvement
Grade 4: Inadequate

The staff of The Football College underwent an observation for 2015 achieving a GRADE 1 OUTSTANDING and here are some extracts from the report:

'This was an OUTSTANDING lesson. The learning outcomes and methods associated with delivering them were SMART, appropriate to the level of the learner and engaging to motivate and promote further learning. Essential skill, Maths and English were subtly embedded throughout the session'.....

....'numerous industry examples or examples from the real world were effectively brought into the session. The use of directed and focused questioning was fair and highly developed. Class behaviour was consistently good with sound peer work to support learning. Tasks were varied and distributed to learners via different pairings - this was commendable'......

....'highly appropriate and effective engaging style to motivate the learners - positive verbal and strong speech. Enthusiastic / good body language'...

...'clear focused questioning techniques - directive questions spread equally throughout the group to both challenge and check on learning'....

...'whole session displayed very good promotion of employability skills - well integrated and clearly demonstrated to all leaners'...

...'excellent summary to the session linking back to the outcomes. Highly effective links to further learning'....

Feedback from Parents:

...'My son is in his second year at The Football College (Bury FC). They have been excellent at giving parental feedback either of written mid-term reports or through verbal feedback at parent evenings. I am regularly updated on his academic achievement, his attitude to learning and his football progress.

The college tutors are excellent and continually encourage and push my son. I have friends whose children go to other local colleges and they are amazed at how much feedback and parental consultation/involvement there is at The Football College.

At parents evening I was not rushed and was given a full account of my child’s progress by his tutor and coach. They answered any questions I had fully and I felt they knew my son fully and they his achievements were a priority for them. In addition I know that I can contact the college with any concerns and am not made to feel like a “mithering” parent.

Phone calls and emails are always replied to promptly. I am glad my son chose Bury Football Club College and I would recommend it to anyone'...

...'The correct choice was made when my son and ourselves decided that he should the The Football College at Bury FC. He is thriving and will hopefully continue to do so in an excellent environment'...

...'Informative and beneficial'...

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